What is Indus App Store? How to download Indus App Bazaar apk

Hello Friends, recently Indus App store is making a buzz out of nowhere.  PhonePe has launched an app store to replace Google play store in india. It will have many benefits over the play store for the developers. 

In this article we will talk about what is Phone’s Indus App, how to use it, how it is different from google’ play store and how to download it.

Just keep reading the article till the end.

What is Indus App Store

Indus App store is an alternative to google play store and apple’s App store in india. The app has been launched as an alternative by PhonPe(a UPI and Payments app).

Developers have to face a long waiting period along with paying a fee for getting their application listed on google’s play store. Their queries are not answered even for a long time.

With the Indus App store PhonePe tries to counter all these issues and create a more developer friendly experience catered to the Indian region and users. PhonePe also wants to take the place of Google’s play store in the Indian region.

Developers can register on this platform for free or without any charge.

Features of Indus App Store

  • Developers will get fast approval for there app listing
  • The company will not charge developers for listing on there platform, but this is only applicable for the first year
  • No commission will be taken on the in-app purchases done by the app users.
  • The app will be exclusive to india region
  • The app will come with 12 different languages to server the many regional languages of india like kannada, telugu, gujarati, hindi, etc
  • Developers can track and monitor there apps in real time with exclusive tools given by the platform
  • There will be 24×7 customer support

Indus App store vs Google Play Store

Play store is a product of google which is a big company dominating the app store market in the world along the apple’s app store.

Indus App store is a product of PhonePe(Walmart funded company). 

On the play store if a developer wants to list their application or product they have to pay a listing fee. Many times the there application is rejected by play store on any terms and aso sometimes their waiting period is too long. 

Many times a developer’s ticket is not answered for a long time, especially for Indian developers.

Indus App bazaar tries to resolve these issues for the Indian region. There will be no fees for listing any app for the first year. Customers will get 24/7 support for all their queries so there will be no waiting period.

Phonepe’s indus app might not have strict policies unlike google’s play store.

Play store also charges 15-30% commission on in-app purchases, with indus app bazaar there will be no commission on in-app purchases.

How to download Indus App Store apk

Indus App store is free to use and download for us application.

Go on google play store and search for Indus app store or Indus app bazaar, then click the relevant result.

If you do not find any result then you can directly go to their official website.


On the other hand you can also download the Indus App Bazaar apk from other apk sites. Go on to google and search indus bazaar apk and click on relevant results, go to the apk site, and download the apk.

Or you can try the below link for its apk


Who is the owner and developer of Indus App Bazaar

Indus App Bazaar or Indus OS was founded by Akash Dongre, Rakesh Deshmukh, and Sudhir B in 2013. Currently the company has been acquired by Phonepe after a long effort so PhonePe is now the owner and developer of it.

Akash Dongre is the co-founder and CPO of Indus Appstore.


Phonepe’s Indus App holds a lot of promising things for our developers. From zero charge on listing along with zero commission on in-app purchases there are many good things. India’s mobile use is growing rapidly thanks to cheap phones and the internet. This will lead to an increase in apps usage. With time let’s see how Indus App takes the play store market share in india. At last it will be beneficial for both the developer and the end user.